School Fruit Day was born as an initiative to give visibility and celebrate one of the healthy breakfast options at recess time in schools around the world: FRUIT.

It is very important the daily consumption of five portions of fruits and vegetables (+ 400 g. in total) to prevent diseases, and therefore, a piece of fruit during recess can help to achieve this daily goal at school age.

This day should be understood as a worldwide celebration where all students can participate. During the School Fruit Day it is proposed that each participant brings a piece of fruit and achieve the highest possible number of pieces of fruit in all schools around the world.

How can I participate?

2021 Stats

In addition, we want to produce the greatest impact worldwide and this can only be achieved with one word: COMMUNITY.

To do this, when you share the photos using #schoolfruitday, you can add the following data: number of pieces of fruit and the country where you are located. Optionally, add the school name if you want it to appear on the map.


Map of Participating Schools